What is Cashback Marketing and how does it work?

Cashback Marketing (CBM) is a success-sharing advertising phenomenon. CBM shares its success with you, our advertising customer, when you park part or all of your purchased Marketing Units in our Global Marketing Pool. All units parked in the Global Marketing Pool can collect up to 1% cashback daily!

When it is time to advertise your business, we have the cost effective Marketing Instruments, services, and global audience that you need. Sign up for your desired Marketing Instruments right from your CBM Back Office or request a FREE Consultation to learn how you can really maximize your marketing with our innovative solutions.

How much does a Marketing Unit cost and is there any limit as to how many I can buy?

Marketing Units are US$30 each and there are no limits as to how many Marketing Units can be purchased at one time. Understand there are no refunds on any Marketing Unit purchases. Purchased Marketing Units do not expire.

What kind of Marketing Instruments do you offer and where are they displayed?

Cashback Marketing will offer an ever expanding variety of Marketing Instruments such as content marketing with articles, a variety of banner ad sizes, special deals, event promotions, innovative Free Shopping deals, a loyalty program and more. Marketing Instruments will be available on April 25, 2016 (official launch of Cashback Marketing.

What kinds of businesses do you accept?

Generally, any legal business, not involved with pornography, illegal activities, gambling, or any other business that meets our terms is welcome to join Cashback Marketing.

Independent Marketers are also welcome so long as the products and services they promote are legitimate and are within our terms.
Most websites within our network are open to persons 14 years and older, so advertising should be appropriate for the general audience.

I have a limited budget to spend on my marketing, what do you offer?

We keep our prices affordable on any budget. With just one Marketing Unit, you can post a combination of multiple articles, deals, events, Free Shopping, or even choose from several banner ad sizes.

How do I get started?

Sign up FREE today. Purchase your desired Marketing Units, place them into your Personal Marketing Pool, choose your desired Marketing Instruments, and you are good to go. See the FAQ after login for more details. Or request a FREE Consultation with our Marketing Experts to create your perfect marketing strategy.


Watch the short video here, read FAQ, and get started TODAY: >



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