Important, Let me explain what CBM is and what’s not !

Let me explain what CBM is and what’s not:

Cashback Marketing is not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme because Cashback Marketing is not depending on new people to join, in order to pay people who joined before. Cashback Marketing is doing real business with products, and we sell these products to our customers.

We pay commissions to our affiliates, and we pay cashback on unused marketing budget to our customers. This is totally different to any Ponzi or pyramid scheme.

And no,Cashback Marketing is not a RevShare program. Why? Because the cashback we are paying is not a revenue share, it is marketing expenses from our own marketing budget. So it is totally up to us to decide when and how much cashback we are paying. It is not depending on any business or revenue. That is why Cashback Marketing is not a RevShare program.

And no, Cashback Marketing is not an investment opportunity. Who ever is placing an order at Cashback Marketing, is buying marketing units, is buying our services, and this money for marketing units will never be refunded. The money is spent, PERIOD. This is clearly no investment. Once more, the cashback that we are paying on a daily basis is not a return on investment, and it is not interest that we pay.
No, it is what it is, it is cashback as a marketing instrument that we use to attract more customers.

Cashback Marketing (CBM) is a success-sharing advertising phenomenon. CBM shares its success with you, our advertising customer, when you park part or all of your purchased Marketing Units in our Global Marketing Pool. All units parked in the Global Marketing Pool can collect up to 1% cashback daily!

When it is time to advertise your business, we have the cost effective Marketing Instruments, services, and global audience that you need. Sign up for your desired Marketing Instruments right from your CBM Back Office or request a FREE Consultation to learn how you can really maximize your marketing with our innovative solutions.

Contact me for more info and support to get started.

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